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Propargyl-3-sulfopropylether, Na salt (POPS)

CAS NO.: 30290-53-0
Propargyl-3-sulfopropylether, Na salt (POPS)

Chemical name: Propargyl-3-sulfopropylether, Na salt(POPS)
Molecular formula: C6H9NaO4S
Molecular weight: 200
CAS NO.: 30290-53-0
Appearance: Yellow liquid
Purity: Approx. 45%
Main Application: POPS-liquid is the aqueous solution of Propargyl-3-
sulfopropylether, Na salt. In the electroplating industry it is used for the production of brightener systems for the bright nickel bath. In the formulations it works as a leveler in combination with PPS or PPS-OH.

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