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3-(benzothiazolyl-2-mercapto)-propyl-sulfonic acid, sodium salt (ZPS)

CAS NO.: 49625-94-7
3-(benzothiazolyl-2-mercapto)-propyl-sulfonic acid, sodium salt (ZPS)

Chemical name: 3-(benzothiazolyl-2-mercapto)-propyl-sulfonic acid, sodium salt(ZPS)
Molecular formula: C10H10NNaO3S3
Molecular weight: 311
CAS NO.: 49625-94-7
Appearance: Slightly yellow powder
Purity: ≥90%
Main Application: ZPS is used as brightening agent in acid electroplating copper baths and has, in combination with polyethers and wetting agents, the effect of depositing a bright and ductile coating. A combination with other sulfur-containing brightening agents is also possible. For the chemical deposition of precious metals, ZPS is used as a stabillzer to prevent wild deposition. ssible in other acid electroplating baths for silver and palladium deposition.

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