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Polyethylen(beta-naphthyl)(3-sulfopropyl)diether,Kaliumsalz (GC-01)

CAS NO.: 120478-49-1
Polyethylen(beta-naphthyl)(3-sulfopropyl)diether,Kaliumsalz (GC-01)

Chemical name: Polyethylen(beta-naphthyl)(3-sulfopropyl)diether,Kaliumsalz(GC-01)
CAS NO.: 120478-49-1
Appearance: Yellow or brown viscous liquid
Assay: ≥75%
Main Application: GC-01 is an anionic surfactant. It Is a purifying agent in the electroplating process, especially in acid zinc plating. As a sulfonate, it is resistant to hydrolysis and can increase turbidity when combined with nonionic surfactants, and it is easily soluble in benzalacetone, improving uniformity. Used at high temperature, the deposited coating is bright and has good corrosion resistance.

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