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Alkoxyliertes beta naphthol (NPE)

CAS NO.: 63950-87-8
Alkoxyliertes beta naphthol (NPE)

Chemical name: Alkoxyliertes beta naphthol(NPE)
Appearance: Yellow or brown viscous liquid
pH(10% Aqueous solution): 5.0-7.0
Water: arbitrary
Methanol: arbitrary
CAS NO.: 63950-87-8
Main Application: NPE is a carrier and non-ionic active agent for acid copper plating. It can improve the leveling power, especially at low current density. It is usually used in conjunction with polyether, sulfur- containing compound, polyammonium to get leveling, and the coating is glossy and ductile. The formula with NPE can be used in the production of printed circuit boards and other decorative purposes. It is often used in conjunction with SPS and EXP2887.

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